This is ownmailer for Bootstrap/JQuery

It is a completely free Bootstrap/jQuery contact form mailer with validation and thank you message that you can add to any(!) site by pasting 2 lines of code in your html document. You are welcome to use it for free as much as you like.

You get a fully-baked, mobile friendly form that emails the details to the email address you define in own_rec. It takes 30 seconds… seriously. Just be sure you have included Bootstrap and jQuery in your page.

Privacy Statement: We do not collect any information from your form. We only track how many emails were sent to {own_rec} so we know how the tool is performing.


How it works.

If you include this in your page <head>:

<script src=''></script>


...And this in your <body> (wherever you want the <form>):

<div id='formarea'>
     <div id="ownmailer" own_rec="" own_subj="Your Subject Line Here"></div>

* Replace own_rec with a single email or comma separated email addresses and own_subj with your subject line. Yep, that is all.


...This is what you get. Give it a try.

(hint: you can also use this form to get in touch with me)



Input validated. Info emailed to you and the user is thanked. Nothing else for you to do.